Grants for Fertility Treatment – Part I

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Wed 01/30/2013

Couple Infertility is a challenge for every person who wants to be a parent. Financing the dream of having a baby is a separate and often more troubling difficulty. But there are organizations prepared to help. Below is a list of nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance to select infertility patients. Contact each one to find out their selection criteria and more information.

• Angels of Hope o Covers cost of fertility treatment o Must be married o Preference given to those living within 24 miles of the Morris, Illinois

• BabyQuest Foundation o Provides financial assistance for those pursuing IUI, IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy o Open to singles, heterosexual, and same-sex couples under 40 years of age o Must have health insurance to cover mother/prenatal care

• Bumps, Inc. o Covers cost of IVF o Preference give to childless couples o Does not cover cost of medication o Selection is based on the compelling nature of an applicant s circumstances, their fertility history, financial situation and a number of other determining factors.

• Cade Foundation o $10,000 grant can be used for financing infertility treatment or domestic adoption o Grant recipients are expected to participate in fundraising efforts and raise the amount of their award in the years following their grant.

• The Embracing Hope Grant at Fertile Dreams o $10,000 grant o Can be used at any infertility clinic o Eligible couples have health insurance, but their insurance does not cover infertility costs

• Sharing Hope Financial Assistance Program at Fertile Hope o Works with companies to provide discounted banking services and donated medication for cancer patients o Eligibilty depends on type of cancer diagnosis, financial need, and must be prior to the beginning of fertility-damaging cancer treatments Five more organizations to come next Wednesday.

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