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Natural Treatments for Infertility
Getting Started
Vitamins, Minerals, Acupuncture, Relaxation

The time you can clearly define your goals is the time to choose the most appropriate medical professional. If getting pregnant immediately is your goal, you will want to help create an appropriately –designed treatment plan, but if you merely wish to improve your conception odds by making healthier choices in your lifestyle, you should consider consulting with your doctor or health care professional, since they can assist you in making the right choices.

To locate a qualified professional in your area, do your research. Your gynecologist may be willing to help you but they are not your sole option. In fact, a certified nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, or even a naturopathic doctor (ND) who has undergone a number of years of training may prove to be a better choice for you. On-line and local infertility support groups typically can provide referrals and information for you.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Although lifestyle choices can make a big difference when trying to conceive, they are also the most difficult choices for women to make. Regardless, when trying to conceive:

Good nutrition is paramount. Typically specialists recommend against dieting, but studies indicate that shedding even five percent of a woman’s body mass can improve odds of conception.

Focus on exercise and nutrition. Consider taking time away from infertility treatments to focus these areas, to learn what’s best for you without also focusing on conception.

Cut caffeine and alcohol from your diet, and if you smoke—you absolutely need to quit. Period.

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