Fertility Chart

A fertility chart is a useful and free tool that allows you to chart and predict ovulation by looking at–and recording over time–several different fertility variables. Predicting your ovulation is the critical task in trying to get pregnant. If all other systems are working fine, then knowing when you ovulate is the key. A fertility chart allows you to time baby-making sex to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

Methods of fertility prediction used in a fertility chart include:

  • Changes in your body temperature (BBT)
  • Cervical mucus analysis
  • Cervical position examination
  • Calendar patterns of fertile/infertile periods

A fertility chart is not just used to achieve pregnancy. For couples using natural family planning methods, a fertility chart can help a couple avoid pregnancy as well. There are free online fertility charts, or you can download software that will provide further assistance. Your health care provider can also aid you in translating your fertility chart.

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