Feminist Views on ART, Surrogacy, Egg Donation and Adoption

Submitted by InfertilityDoula Mon 06/06/2011

C. over at The Infertility Revolutionary brought this fascinating issue of The Scholar & Feminist online, a webjournal published by the Barnard Center for Research on Women, titled “Critical Conceptions: Technology, Justice and the Global Reproductive Market.” The webjournal is comprised of lectures, documentary excerpts and papers presented during a series of conferences dedicated to discussing the new world of reproductive technology from a feminist point of view. I have had the opportunity to read through most of the material and have found them all fascinating. There are important questions that are being discussed here, some of which I found potentially controversial and others central to our personal debates on these relevant issues. The topics covered are the “baby making business,” the legal aspects of infertility coverage, egg donation and surrogacy in India, the identity implications of donations for the offsprings, our societal portrayal of surrogates and the global “trade” of today’s adoption process. I encourage you to read some it when you find a little time. I’d be happy to discuss any specific articles that you would like.

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