Drop the Diet Coke

Submitted by Angie Thu 05/20/2010

I was reminded today that for a couple of reasons, now is a reallt good time to give up that diet soda. From my friends at inCYST, a PCOS support and education organization, “First of all, if you’re drinking diet soda thinking it’s ok because it’s diet, it may not be the obvious that’s getting into your body that’s causing the problem. If I can’t convince you to stop drinking soda, maybe at least I can convince you to look for, purchase, (and therefore create demand for) a less hormone-destructive beverage container.” So there’s the whole BPA thing. Then there’s the caffeine. Horrible for you if you’re trying to conceive and even worse if you’re pregnant.Feeling depressed or fatigued? The dangers of artificial sweeteners like aspartame are well-documented as well. Are you sure about the soda?

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