Diagnosis of Infertility

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Diagnosis of Infertility
Diagnosis of Female Infertility
Diagnosis of Male Infertility

There are numerous tests used by doctors and specialists to diagnose infertility.  Ultimately, a fertility work-up will examine overall health in an attempt to determine what is specifically causing infertility.  You should expect a thorough look into the sexual habits and histories of both partners.

Medical History

An in-depth look into the medical history of both partners is crucial for helping to diagnose infertility.  This history may include:

Environmental factors (for men, this includes heat, radiation, and chemotherapy);=

Medications (a doctor can note which may affect fertility);

Drug use (alcohol, smoking, marijuana);

Sexual habits (involving frequency, lubricant use, and prior fertility experience);

Past medical and surgical history

For men, episodes of testicular trauma (such as torsion).

ConceivingConcepts.com does not make diagnostic recommendations nor dispense medical advice; only a physician or heathcare provider is qualified to determine the proper approach for any patient.   The information is presented for general education purposes only.

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