DHEA increases fertilitys

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Wed 07/14/2010

Lab worker DHEA has shown in preliminary research to dramatically improve success rates for women on fertility programs. After hearing anecdotal evidence from patients and members of the medical community, Prof. Adrian Shulman of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Meir Medical Center found a connection between the vitamin supplement DHEA and women undergoing fertility treatments thus giving a boost to women trying to achieve a successful conception. And it gets better. Not only were the women who took DHEA three times more likely to conceive, they were more likely to have healthy, successful pregnancies and deliveries. “In the DHEA group there was a 23% live birth rate as opposed to a 4% rate in the control group,” explains Shulman. “More than that, of the pregnancies in the DHEA group, all but one ended in healthy deliveries.” Shulman and his colleagues conducted a study in which women that were on similar fertility treatments were divided into two groups. Once group received DHEA and one group did not. The group that took DHEA received 75mg of the vitamin supplement daily for 40 days before starting fertility treatments. DHEA is a supplement marketed as an anti-aging drug all over the world. It is a naturally-occurring steroid found in the brain which plays a vital role in our basic functioning. It is produced in the adrenal glands and synthesized in the brain. Naturally women interested in using DHEA – or any other supplements while pregnant or attempting to get pregnant – should consult their doctors. Although the study was small and the researchers aren’t sure why it works, they are excited and encouraged. More studies will be done. But in the meantime, it’s a readily available over the counter supplement. Talk to your doctor, but if you’ve had trouble, this could help. Source: Tel Aviv University, Medical News Today Need Help?

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