Clomid Affordability and Risks

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Clomid Affordability and Risks


Since Clomid has been around for a long time, it does come in generic form, meaning it is relatively inexpensive, with a full cycle’s supply running at no higher than around $35.


Clomid induces ovulation, meaning there is a risk—albeit very low for Clomid—of ovarian hyper-stimulation; erupting cysts and enlarged ovaries are possibilities. These are more common, however, with other fertility drugs than they are with Clomid.

Should you experience any unexplained pain while on Clomid, you should contact your doctor immediately so that an ultrasound can be performed and check for any problems.

Additionally, patients with a history of liver disease should not take Clomid, and some years ago some published clinical reports stated that Clomid was associated with an increase in cervical cancer. While much of this research has been refuted and discredited, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about it if it concerns you.

Clomid is safe, its risks are minimal, especially compared to its potential effectiveness, and it’s an inexpensive medication. In other words there are a number of very good reasons why Clomid remains the first step in treating infertility and arguably, one of the best.

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