Cindy Margolis Tests Sperm for New Dating Show

Submitted by Angie Sat 01/09/2010

Now there’s a headline I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to use. Not to worry – as long as Cindy Margolis is the self-proclaimed poster girl for infertility (Why, oh why RESOLVE, did you name her spokeswoman that one year? Didn’t you know it would come back to bite you in the hiney?) Now she’s bringing the television with her new dating reality show, “Seducing Cindy,” to debut on the FOX Reality Channel on January 30. “I am the spokesperson for Resolve, the National Infertility Association, so we could get away with it. We had one competition where the guys had to go through what I went through and give a sperm sample,” Margolis said. “It was interesting to have 25 guys go off into a room and bring you back a sperm sample. Clinically, I know how to test sperm, and I tested each of the guy’s sperm on my show. It was the craziest thing.” “The intention of my asking the men to give me their sample was for them have some insight into my real life. They came to the show to vie for the love of their ‘fantasy woman,’ reported Cindy Margolis. I wanted the men to see that my real life has not been a fantasy.” I can only imagine just how carefully and respectfully they will treat the men who may not have ideal sperm counts. I’m sure the serious issue will be handled with respect and dignity, right? Maybe the Bachelor can start doing ovarian reserve tests as a part of his screening….I need to call ABC right away!
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