Choosing a Home Pregnancy Test

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Choosing a Home Pregnancy Test
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HPTs generally come in two forms:

mid-stream tests: you hold one end of a stick in your hand and urinate on the other end

urine well tests: you urinate into a cup, then use a dropper to remove a sample and drop it into a urine well on the test unit.

While many of the tests exhibit varying degrees of sensitivity to hCG, the majority can detect the hormone within about two weeks of conception (First Response Early Detection boasts eleven days). Ultimately you should experiment with different HPTs to ascertain which ones you like or don’t like. A number of different types can be found at the Conceiving Concepts’ Fertility Store.

Time of Day Urine

Unlike in years past, today’s HPTs do not require you to use so-called first morning urine. Rather, you can use them at any time of the day. The only suggestion is that, prior to taking the test, you hold your bladder for four hours.

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