CDC Names April as STD Awareness Month

Submitted by Angie Fri 04/09/2010

One in two sexually active young adults will get a sexually transmitted disease by 25. It’s a staggering statistic and just one reason why the CDC recognizes April as STD Awareness Month, an annual observance to raise awareness about the impact of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) on the health of Americans and the importance of individuals discussing sexual health with their healthcare providers and, if sexually active, their partners. Many untreated STDs can cause long-term problems like infertility or birth defects. Resources you can use: Easy-to-use ZIP-code based resource to locate STD testing sites throughout the U.S. GYT: Get Yourself Tested National campaign to inform young people about STDs and promote testing and treatment. It’s got great info on how to talk to your partner and your health care provider. You can learn more about STD awareness and find testing locations at

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