Can a person with severe endometreosis get pregnant without going through infertility

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Sun 03/21/2010
Submitted by Angie on Mon, 03/22/2010 – 01:59.
It really depends on the stage of the endo. If you are still in stage 1, it’s very possible. Stage 4, not so much. A visit with your gyn is a good idea to see where you are and to make sure you’re ready for prgnancy. Stage 1: Endometriosis in stage one is classified as minimal. Most patients will get a score of 1 to 5 points, meaning there are isolated incidents of endometrial tissue growth outside the uterus. Stage 2: Endometriosis in stage two is considered mild. A patient having a score of 6 to 15 points has mild endometriosis. A doctor makes this diagnosis when there are several small implants and a few small areas of scar tissue or adhesions. Stage 3: Stage the endometriosis is moderate. Patients with 16 to 40 points have moderate endometriosis. The implants in stage three must be superficial and deep. There must also be several prominent areas of scar tissue or adhesions. Typically the symptoms of endometriosis are common in patients with moderate Stage III endometriosis. Stage 4: This is the most severe stage of endometriosis, with over 40 points needed for diagnosis. Patients with stage IV endometriosis will have many superficial and deep implants as well as large adhesions. Endometriosis symptoms including infertility are common in patients with stage IV endometriosis. Login to post comments Need Help? A Counselor is Waiting All Sessions Start for Free – Click below to get started
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