Botox, Gynecologic Use in Vaginismus

Submitted by GynoGab Mon 08/15/2011

For women unable to have intercourse because of pin, Botox is a new and effective treatment. For most women they can safely have one treatment and they are cured. For others repeat treatments have to be undertaken every 3-6 months. For most women gynecologists expect the treatment course to be self limiting and not need to go on for years. The Botox relaxes abnormally tightened muscles and makes both intercourse and using tampons possible for women who suffer from Vaginismus. Vaginismus is a painful condition that involves such tight muscle contractions that women are unable to have comfortable intercourse. Vaginismus has many origins: fear of painful intercourse, prior surgery, prior infections with painful intercourse, painful intercourse from endometriosis as well as psychological. It is not known if some women have naturally abnormally tight musculature or abnormal nerve firing that causes it, and in some cases it is a condition that occurs prior to a woman ever having sex, and in other cases it occurs after previously normal sexual function. The nerves that form the pathway that leads to orgasms are deeper, and actually spread between the clitoris and the vagina, this area is not treated by the Botox. Since the treatment is in the outer vaginal muscles it’s not likely that there would even be a spread of Botox effect that would lead to orgasm disruption. For women who have not had adequate sexual function for a long time it’s possible that they need time and a regaining of their sexuality to really begin to have orgasms again. Most physicians would advocate treating the condition of vaginismus with the standard strategies first, and then trying Botox. To use Botox for vaginismus it would be using an approved medication for an unapproved indication, so that it’s important to under stand risks, benefits, and that insurance coverage is not likely. But it is something that can be very beneficial if you find a gynecologist with Botox injecting experience

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