Blocked tubes, not blocked fertility

Submitted by shelbydburns on Fri 06/25/2010

What do blocked fallopian tubes mean to pregnancy potential? It all depends right. Where the blockage is and what’s going on around it are important variables. Is it one tube or two? Also important. First of all, be sure there really is a blockage. Occasionally spasms in the fallopian tubes, brought on by the hysterosalpingogram, the very test which is suppose to reveal a blockage, will make it appear as those the tubes don’t work. Spasms in the muscles of the fallopian tubes may be brought on by the pressure from the procedure. Ask for a second test before taking any dramatic action. Is the blockage temporary or permanent? Sometimes a small piece of tissue can get lodges in the tubes and is easily flushed out with the introduction of dye like the kind they use in hysterosalpingogram. If one tube is blocked, is the other one functioning normally? Eggs drop from the left ovary one month and the right ovary the next. If you have one working fallopian tube, then chances you can get pregnant without any intervention at least every other month. You may want to be more vigilant about keeping a fertility diary and watching your temperature in order to ensure success, but chances are good – at least fifty/fifty. Type of blockage is important. Is it proximal? This is a block which is close to the uterus. These are difficult to repair surgically but there are practices which will treat the condition with a tubal catheterization, a procedure to open up the tube, similar to a cardiac catheterization for blocked arteries. Ask your doctor. If the blockage is distal, away from the uterus and close to the ovary, you really need to investigate surgery and if IVF is an option, it’s safest to go that route. For severe blockages, it may be advisable to remove some or part of the fallopian tube altogether. Trapped fluids can also get caught in the uterus and be dangerous to mom and toxic to baby. Source: Dr. Darder and Dr. Treiser, Conceive Magazine

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