Barbados for a fertility tour

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Fri 04/08/2011

Island of fertility If you are struggling with fertility and planning on in vitro fertilization, Barbados has a plan for you. In an attempt to cash in on the recent trends to develop fertility tourism, Barbados resorts are promoting holiday package deals specifically designed for women and families visiting their island country for infertility treatment. India has really been on the forefront of fertility tourism, offering most notably surrogacy services at a reasonable cost for couples looking secure those services to grow their family. Barbados may not have the surrogacy centers that India has, but it does have something: an amazing, relaxing environment where the body and mind can rest, relax and get pregnant. The Barbados Fertility Centre has created a number of packages targeting couples who are looking for IVF services and a little something extra. Some of these holiday packages bundle airfare, accommodations and airport/clinic transfers in a wide range of prices with a wide range of luxurious add-ons. For instance, there is a 14-night Comfort Package priced at around $6500 for a suite at very nice hotel including kitchen and economy airfare. Or, the two week Elite Package starting at $30,000 for first class upgrades, meal inclusions and participation in a mind/body program, yoga, acupuncture and other wellness sessions. IVF costs are separate and would be negotiated with the fertility clinic of your choice. The Barbados Fertility Centre hopes the overall experience will reduce stress and increase the success rate of the procedure.

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