Avoid Morning Sickness

About half of expecting moms experience some pregnancy morning sickness. While it isn’t pleasant, for most women it is a relatively minor annoyance. Up to seventy percent of pregnant women experience some nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy. It usually goes away by the fourth month, but it isn’t limited to the morning hours.

There are a number of ways moms can alleviate pregnancy morning sickness:

    • Avoid strong odors
    • Eat crackers first thing in the morning
    • Drink small sips of water
    • Avoid greasy foods
    • Wear a motion sickness bracelet on the wrist
    • Suck on hard candy
  • Ginger helps relieve pregnancy morning sickness; try ginger soda or tea, gingersnaps or ginger in capsule form

Pregnancy morning sickness is rarely dangerous. To be safe, expecting moms should make sure they do not get dehydrated or do not lose weight due to nausea. Any concerns about pregnancy morning sickness should be discussed with your health care provider.

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