After the egg retrieval, my doctor stated one of my ovaries was unusually high…too far to reach and therfore all eggs were not able to be recovered. Is there a procedure that could reach the ovary in question to recover the eggs and should that situatio

Submitted by trhine Tue 05/10/2011

Sometimes ovaries can shift – Submitted by Angie on Wed, 05/11/2011 – 13:54. Sometimes ovaries can shift – I would suggest talking to your health care provider about getting some tests performed to see whether the shift is temporary or if there is another reasons that your ovaries aren’t conveniently located and what he or she recommends. Once you have copies of the reports, I would get get a second opinion and see if another fertility specialist may have a suggestion. Some doctors perform IVF while the patient is under very light sedation or none, and in that case, they may be hesitant to reach for the ovaries and make you uncomfortable. If that is the case, a deeper sedation may allow for greater access.

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