Abortion and infertility

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Mon 07/25/2011 serious

Abortion and infertility are unrelated. Only in rare instances would abortion cause infertility in future attempts to get pregnant. Millions of women of the years have had abortions and have gone to get pregnant and give birth.

There are two types of abortion: medical and surgical. During a medical abortion, oral medication is taken in a two step process very early in a pregnancy to dislodge or abort the fetus. No research has shown any link between medical abortions and future infertility.

During a surgical abortion, a doctor removes the fetus from the uterus. It is a relatively simple, outpatient surgery. If performed under proper (legal) conditions there should be no threat to fertility, no damage to the cervix or uterus. In rare instances, the cervix may be weakened or there may be substantial scarring which could complicate future pregnancies. However, corrective surgery usually repairs the damaged area and pregnancy may occur.

No matter your medical history, it’s good to talk to your doctor before getting pregnant to discuss general health and preparations for a healthy pregnancy. During this visit it’s a good idea to disclose your medical history if you have had a medical or surgical abortion. Your doctor can help you understand any repercussions and explain any special treatment that may be necessary.

From a clinical point of view, leaving far to the side any moral implications, abortion is a simple, uncomplicated, and safe procedure. Of course, for any medical procedure there are risks: infection, scarring, tissue damage. However, there is no evidence supporting any connection between abortion and a diminished capacity to conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term.

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