3rd Party Reproduction

The following articles look at different treatments and methods available for 3rd Party Reproduction.

Donor Insemination

Donor insemination is a broad term that covers any procedure which improves the chances of becoming pregnant by artificially placing semen within the womb using a syringe. The name of the specific procedure defines where the specialist actually places the sperm.

Donor Embryo

Using a donor embryo may be the best way to build your family. You can experience pregnancy and the birth of your child, be certain your unborn child receives the best prenatal care, obtain extensive genetic, medical, and social information regarding your child, and wait less time before the birth of your child than other infertility options because embryo donation short cuts the infertility treatment process by beginning with an embryo instead of an unfertilized egg and sperm.

Surrogacy Solution

Since 1976, there have been about 25,000 surrogate births in the USA, says Shirley Zager of the Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy, a non-profit national support group. Surrogacy has come a long way since the legal drama of Mary Beth Whitehead and intended parents are much better protected than they once were, especially now that they have the option of using an egg donor instead of the surrogate’s own eggs.

ConceivingConcepts.com does not make treatment recommendations for 3rd Party Reproduction nor dispense medical advice; only a physician or heath care provider is qualified to determine the proper treatment for any patient. The following treatment options are presented for general education purposes only.

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