Was I pregnant, can I get pregnant, what happened?

I've recently had an

I've recently had an experience that has left me feeling very strange. At the time in question the first day of my last period was 6th oct 08. At the end of the month was woken with a sharp stabbing pain in my abdominal area, perhaps to one side, not sure it lasted for 20 mins. I had been having apparent pregnancy symptoms,fatigue, sore breasts, acidic etc I took a home preg test on 8th nov and got the faintest positive. I felt a bit crampy from time to time but no blood, my period didn't show.My back was aching quite a bit and abdomen felt v tender. On the 16th nov I had v slight spotting on toilet tissue twice - then nothing. I didn't know what was happening went to Doctors, who said I must be pregnant and that I should have gone to Gynea not there, no tests or anything done, just on my concern over brown blood. When I went to materity, I had a inter uterine scan and the Dr said sorry, but your not pregnant - next time. I was devestated and in a state of disbelief given symptoms. He asked if I had a blood test to check HCG, no I said. So I went for one. The nurse told me based on the dates that the baby would be too small to see. The DR had told me only come back if it was 5000+ otherwise nothing to worry about and that it wasn't in his opinion an ectopic because I hadn't bled, infact he still believed I wasn't pregnant. The HCG result came back HCG INTACTE *132 UI/l Val reference <6 date dernier regles non communique. So I cried my eyes out hysterical believing I wasn't pregnant my partner was also extremely surprised and cut up. On the 19th november i bled red blood with pieces of tissue and clots wih some extra pain and discomfort to usual period this continued until atleast mid december, but the flow varied, sometimes alot lighter until it stopped. At Christmas I had severe abdominal pain, preventing me from walking or moving at times this lasted a day or so varying in intensity. I spotted en dec. I can't remember if i bled properly at new year or not. I do know that the date of the first day of my last period was 7th feb 09 - seemingly back to normal I have had no follow up appointments with gynea or anyone was told not to go back if HCG level not over 5000. I'm 30, 31 next month and was in the South of France at the time, still am. I feel a terrible sadness/loss, I believe I was pregnant, the fertilized egg must have implanted, did it get out of my tube and into my womb or not, i hope so. why did lose it, did the dr make me lose it by saying i wasn't pregnantand making me inconsolable? will be able to have a baby.... as of end Jan 09 i am taking pregnacare conception i may only have 1 patent tube, not sure was told something like that a few yes ago and also had unwanted abortion because of violent relationship 10/11 years ago. i then went on the pill. then depo injecton which completely stopped my periods was given a pill by the dr to start them again after absence for over a year was told would make me fertile a that time. then went on contraceptive pill again subsequently. was then told had pcos. had laproscopy then told no pcos later. but that was when told one ovary/tube could not be seen. also had large loop excision a few years ago because of severe CIN rating. smears ok since. have been having unprotected sex since begining of aug 2008. Thank you. ps also i don't drink coffee but is chewing gum with aspartime / sugar free harmful?

Wow – what a painful story.

Wow – what a painful story. I am so sorry for the difficult time you’ve been having. Is it possible that you were pregnant and miscarried? Absolutely. Did you crying cause it? No. And it is rare for an abortion to cause long-term fertility damage. But possible. Can depo-provera interfere with baby-making? Research isn’t clear for how long. In other words, you have a lot going on and you need to step back, breathe and find a GYN you can trust to do a thorough workup. You need a hormone panel done to rule out PCOS and a basic workup. As for the gum, don’t go overboard, but it should be fine. But if you’re worried, quitting won’t hurt you. Find a doctor experienced with fertility issues and best wishes, Angie

Thanks. I think we didn't

Thanks. I think we didn't have enough knowledge or experience, that added to the patchy information and 'guidance' of the people we saw didn't help in ensuring that we did the right things or knew exactly what was happening. Now I know that it is red blood that is a problem not brown, also that they should have taken more HCG blood tests to see if and when the number decreased. Also that th blood tst should have been before the scan. That nothing would show on the scan until HCG atleast 2000 or 4-5wks. I also know that no aftercare was incorrect and that the HCG number should have been checked to ensure under 5 or at zero. It's 11 yrs since the abrtn, there was no prob with the pregnancy, I just missed my period,took a test,positive, then even had scan and proably would have carried no problem to full term, termination within first trimester about 2 months. I haven't been on depo for about 7 years. the pcos hing was about 4 years ago - then they said it was a mistake i didn't have it. instead possibly one patent tube and one invisible in laproscopy. perhaps fibroids? I'm not sure if the PAP/CIN large loop excision was a reason for concern, that was 3 or 4 years ago. I feel better for your response. It's a difficult situation, but even worse when in a foreign country, where they speak a different language and perhaps not as understanding as a result. The only thing I was eating with aspartame was gum, was chewing that several times a day, trying to limit. Now, I hear chocolate is bad - I eat something chocolatey most days!


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