Use Antibiotics Only for Bacterial Infections

Antibiotics are the medications that are specifically used against the bacterial infections. They are the best medicine to cure the bacterial infections. Nearly all the different types of the bacterial infections are being treated with the help of the antibiotics. Bactericidal and bacteriostatic are the two categories of antibiotics. Bactericidal antibiotics act directly by killing the bacterial infections. Bacteriostatic antibiotics act by stopping the multiplication of the bacterial infections. Bacteriostatic antibiotics are prescribed as the preliminary level of treatment, whereas bactericidal antibiotics are prescribed as final level treatment of bacterial infections. But, depending on your level of infection doctor may prescribe you directly bactericidal antibiotics.

Antibiotics are the medications that show effect only on the bacterial. So, use antibiotics only for bacterial infections. Viral and fungal infections cannot be cured with the help of the antibiotics. Antibiotics are prepared from the bacteria that have the antibacterial quality. This was first noted by the Sir. Alexander Fleming. Antibiotics began a new revolution in the field of medicines. No other medication was noted be as effective as antibiotics against the bacterial infections. Previously, people use to die because of the bacterial infections. But, now due to the use of the antibiotics deaths caused by the antibiotics are being considerably reduced. Antibiotics of different types have been noted to be discovered and are very effective against different bacterial infections.

Bacteria are of two types aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic means bacteria that require air for survival and anaerobic bacteria are those that can survive without air. Both these bacteria can be cured with the help of the antibiotics. You can overcome the bacterial infections within 5 to 7 days with the help of the antibiotic drugs. Sometimes the timing may increase depending on the severity of infection and your overall health status. Remember that antibiotics are to be taken only as per the recommended dosage, if you take in excess it may result in the increases side effects. Regular excessive intake of bacterial infections may result in coma or sudden cardiac arrest.

Antibiotics like Cipro generic Ciprofloxacin are taken only for bacterial infections because if you take them when not required it may cause severe problems to your health. Remember you may also get some unwanted infection due to this type of unnecessary intake of antibiotics. These types of infections caused by the antibiotic medication are very difficult to cure and may cause permanent damage to your health. Antibiotics are recommended only for the bacterial infections any other health problems are not cured with the help of these medications. Many times we take it granted that what we are suffering with is bacterial infection and we take the previously prescribed antibiotics for it. But, this is where we put our health in more danger because it can not be confirmed just by visual appearance that which type of bacterial infection we are suffering with. So, please confirm this with laboratory tests and use antibiotics only for the bacterial infections.


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