1st scan- no fetus detected

does anyone have any advice for me as Im terribly depressed. I went for my 1st scan today (approx 6 weeks) which was arranged after I began spotting last week. Only light, brown, nothing major but did last 4 days. This is second IVF attempt and I am 38.
Basically the doc said the sac was small at around 11.9 mm and there was nothing inside. I have browsed other sites and have located many stories similar to mine that have had a positive ouitcome.
funny thing is noone has bothered to do HCG tests since the first one which was at 3 weeks (when pregnancy was confirmed). I went to GP today for bloods so will know the HCG level tomorrow.
Does anyone have advice or know of others who have been in this situation? If so I would be eager to hear from you! currently I am still experiencing pregnancy symptoms and I still FEEL pregnant. The doc has suggested a D & C for Monday (2 days time) and I feel it would be a mistake to go! HELP PLEASE

1st scan- no fetus detected

I'm sorry for what you are going through. When I had IVF# about a year and a half ago, I got a BFP, and my HCG was taken every two days. It was not doubling so they suspected that something was wrong. When I had my u/s there was a sac but nothing inside. They waiting a few more days and still nothing inside. They determined it was a blighted ovum. I was given a medication to bring on contractions to abort rather than have a D&C. I'm not sure what to tell you. If it feels better have a second opinion about it and get your HCG taken.

Hi Daisy

Thank you for your advice. I did have my first HCG done on friday and the results are not good. I am presuming I am around 6 weeks but it may be less depending on whether the pregnancy is dated from conception or from implantation. Either way it was low at 2,799 U/L and coincides with a 4-5 week time frame.
I will e going back tomorrow for a second one and I get the results back Tuesday. If the levels have failed to rise appropriately I will be satisfied that the pregnancy is not viable and I will go in for a D&C as was initially recommended.
It hurts like hell though, I didnt think I could feel this much pain! I will keep you posted on how things turn out, and thanks again for reponding to my question- I really appreciate it.
Cheers for now, Sue

1st scan- no fetus detected

So sorry you are going through this. I'm surprised your doc would recommend a D&C right off the bat like that. Are you still on progesterone? I went through an early m/c last year and one thing I can tell you is when you lose the baby, your HCG plummets. Instantly. So if you have really lost this pregnancy, you will definitely know on Tuesday. Praying for your hurting heart!!! Just so you know, natural m/c is an option for you also. You do not have to have a D&C if you don't want to.

hi lovelylily

Thank you for letting me know that I do have options, as I just thought 'the doctor knows best'. I have just received the 2nd HCG results and they are disappointing. Only 100 up from the last test, at 2,900, and should be around 40,000-50,000 by now.
I am pretty sure the doctor was right initially,now that I have these results.
I meet with the doctor again this Friday to discuss what will happen now and when? At least I can go to this meeting well-informed and aware of my options, unlike several days ago when I was feeling pressured and lost.
It hurts so bad but in a small way Ithink it'll be ok, if that makes any sense. I NEED to have hope and in order for that to happen I must move forward, even if my steps are tiny and my feet are dragging.
i will keep you posted and let you know how things pan out. Thanks again for responding!
God bless,

1st scan- no fetus detected

I am so sorry your HCG didn't go up much. I guess wait and see what happens. You can ask for a medication that will help you end the pregnancy rather than a D&C. Let us know what happens.

1st scan- no fetus detected

I am praying for a positive turn of events. :)


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